The artist Björg Thorhallsdottir was born in Ìsafjördur, Iceland in 1974. The family moved to Norway, and she grew up in Lommedalen in Bærum and southeast Asia.

Björg has ten years of art education in graphics, painting, installations and drawings from the Arts Academy in Barcelona and Toulouse, among others. She has been an apprenticeship at Jean Ducros at the Academy of Fine Arts in Toulouse, France in 1998, and in graphics at Ignacio Aguirre in Barcelona in 2001-2002. Ignacio has previously worked with artists such as Picasso, Miro and Dali, and today Björg has his atelier in Barcelona, along with him. Björg is a member of Norwegian graphic artists, and her art has been exhibited both in Norway and in the country. She has had a number of separate exhibitions, and the demand for the graphics is great.

She has adorned several churches and buildings with mosaics, marble carvings and stained-glass windows. She works both with graphic etchings and painting.

When she was widowed 30 years old and a single mother for 2 years old Tolli, she established heart peace on the Halloween of 2006, so that her son (and others who have lost a few) should have a place and remember their loved ones in joy. Heart peace has grown to become a union and today, Heart peace is held throughout the country.

In 2010 she opened the gallery Good Luck Haven In Sandvika.

Björg has launched happiness bubbles with white and pink Cava, produced at Castillo Perelada outside Barcelona. And red and white Hatchle wine from the vineyard of Monte del Fra in Verona, Italy.

She has designed cups produced in Porsgrund Porcelain, and cavaglass as mouth is blown at Hadeland Glassverk, and a number of other products, including clothing and jewellery.

Björg has illustrated many books and magazines, and published several books on, among others, Gyldendal, Pitch and Aschehoug Forlag. Several of them have gone straight into the bestseller list.

2019: “Everyday Bubbles”, along with Dora Thorhallsdottir, Pitch forlag. “Stop apologizing for being you. Take a seat. Seems. Live YOUR Life! ”
2019: Illustrated book “Good Night, My Treasure”, Songbook Helene Bøksle, Gyldendal.
2017: “You are stronger than you think”, Aschehoug Forlag. My sketches. “A picture says more than a thousand words, and words are magical for they speak to the truth in yourself!”
2017: “The Perfect journey to Iceland” and “magical Christmas”, Pitch forlag.
2016: Life Happiness, Aschehoug publishing house. “Happiness is to be true to yourself, and trust that life will you well”.
2015: “The way to Happiness,” Schibsted forlag. I have guessed that happiness is a choice, and that life is the sum of all the choices we have made.

Björg is also known for the “bubbles” entertainment lecture that she has with big sister Dora Thorhallsdottir. In 2018 and 2019, Cecilia Vennersten is on the tour.

Emotions are universal, and our lives are often alike.
So maybe you can recognise yourself in the pictures and my words.

Björg is educated in ancient art techniques, and is eager to take care of these.

About etching:
In the etch techniques the pressure plate is characterized by an acid etch in the metal. Where the pressure should be white, that is, where the pressure plate should not emit color, it is protected against the acid of an acid-resistant etch base that the artist inflicts. In this etch, the artist works with different tools to bring out the lines that create the subject. When the subject is worked out in the disc, put it in an acid bath so that the subject is etching into the plate where the artist has exposed the metal with the drawing tool.

The paper it presses on should be slightly thick and porous and must be moistened before printing so that it does not get tears. The entire disc is inserted with color, which then wiped off again so that there is only color in the recesses the artist has worked out. The paper is placed on the plate and these are carried through a press under large pressure. The paper picks up the color from the recesses of the platen. The disc must be inserted with color and “turned off” for each press to be made. And often each color is printed separately.

“I think it’s the most beautiful technique, because it’s so vivid. Each press is an original jerk. The press has five-ton prints, and the paper is also pushed into the small grooves. The pressure leads the copper plates into the paper so that it presses and makes fine indentations in the paper. This gives the image a natural depth ” Björg Thorhallsdottir-Wikipedia

The colors are distinctive and an important part of Björg’s art, and she believes in affirmations, that is, the messages we surround ourselves with, consciously and unconsciously are helping to characterize us. So the pictures often come with text, and speaking titles. And in Björg’s blog You can read about many of the thoughts behind the pictures. For Each photo comes with a message to the one who sees it. Björg has had his own column both in the magazine Chamomile, and now in Tara. Here she shares her photos, and the thoughts behind.

“Occasionally I have the colors in my head, and occasionally I get inspired when I see the motif carved into the copper plate-and choose colors that highlight the picture’s message. I am incredibly fond of color and think that we are influenced by them. Strong, happy colors do something to us “.


CV Björg Thorhallsdottir-Wikipedia

Björg Thorhallsdottir-Wikipedia

Born: 1974 in Iceland, raised in Bærum and south-east Asia


2001-2002: In the teachings of Ignacio Aguirre, Barcelona, Spain in graphics. He has previously worked with artists such as Picasso, Miró and Dali,

1999: In the teachings of Jean Ducros at the Academy of Fine Arts in Toulouse, France. Specialision in oil painting and graphics.

1997-2000: BA degree in painting techniques, Art academy in Barcelona. Björg graduated with the best grade given since 1978 in her specialty.
1995-1997: Asker kunstskole
1995: Graphic Design, Oslo
1994: The Art School of Reykjavik, Iceland, specialision in Act drawing
1989-1993: Rosenvilde High School, drawing, shape and color with the general subjects.

A number of separate exhibitions since 1996:


First exhibition at Gallery X, Son in 1996.

La Capilla, Barcelona in 1997 and 1999 (Price for best work at our exhibition).

Espai Elisada, Barcelona and La Capilla, Barcelona and St. Antonio Centro Cultural, Barcelona

Gallery Beaux Arts, Toulouse, France, gallery Des Artes, Provence, France, city Hall of Cannes

The Danish Cultural Institute, Brussels, NATO, Mons Brussels, EFTA, Brussels, Galleri Ateneum, Warzawa, Poland, Gallery, Òfeigur, Iceland, Love art, Monaco,

Gallery SG Trondheim, gallery Krane, Tromsø, gallery BI-Z, Kristiansand, Galleri Briskeby, Oslo

Gallery G Guddal, Rosendal, gallery Sjøgata, Bodø, Bodø Kunsdorening, gallery ECG, Hamar, gallery G, Sandnes, Kunstværket, Bærums Verk, gallery Steen, Oslo, Frame Gallery, Son, gallery Soon, Son, the Yellow Gallery, Stavern, gallery Graff, Askim, gallery Gudem Tjøme, in Gallery, Vadsø, gallery My, Narvik, Abels Kunsthandel, Oslo, Norway Gallery. Grafikere, Oslo, Hadeland Glassverk, Hadeland, gallery of Little Martine, Halden, Galleri Osebro, Porsgrunn, gallery Svae, Gjøvik, Galleri Elsa, Namsos, Pakkhuset Gallery, Arendal, Galleri Fenka, Levanger, Elverum Art Gallery, Galleri Havstad, Ski, Skedsmo Art Society, Hurum kunstforening, Asker kunstforening, Råde kunstforening, Alta kunstforening, World End Art Society, Framesård, Hvitsten, Solli Brug


Painting, Drammen hospitals, BUP
Graphics, Modum Bad
Graphics, Oslo Tinghus
Graphics, Storting
Graphics, University of Barcelona
Stained glass in the Norwegian Seman’s church Calahonda, Spain
Roof painting, Amos, Monaco, France
Stained glass, hotels de Monaco, Monaco
Mosaic and sculptures, Babyswim, Oslo
Stained glass, Bodega Andres, La Rioja, Spain
Stained glass, church Valbonne, France
Murals, crisis centers
36 painting to office space Control Bridge, Oslo


Poetry books at Aschehoug publishing house:

  • Against
  • Love caught
  • Friendship
  • Quiet
  • Erotic
  • Welcome to the World

The way to happiness (Schibsted Forlag, 2015)
Life Happiness (Aschehoug, 2016)
You are stronger than you think (Aschehoug, 2017)
Island (Pitch, 2017))
Magical Christmas (Pitch, 2017)
Everyday Bubbles (Pitch, 2019)

Illustrated a lot of books, last “Good night”. “My Treasure” with Helene Bøksle at Gyldendal Forlag (2019).

Fixed columnist in the magazine TARA (2018, 2019).
Former columnist in Chamomile (2006-2008).

My time:

Released the agenda “My time” annually since 2012.

Have made their own crystal glass, cups, jewelry, clothes.
Produced happiness bubbles with white and pink Cava, produced at Castillo Perelada outside Barcelona, red and white Hatchle wine at the vineyard Monte del Frá in Verona, Italy.


Speaks of courage, love, sorrow, life happiness and following a life dream. Has the show “bubbles” together with Dora Thorhallsdottir, which will be on tour for the fifth time in 2019.

Heart Peace:

Established heart peace in 2006, in memory of those we have lost. Today there is a national association with events throughout the country.

Happiness Bubbles

Björg has launched its own lucky bubbles with white and pink Cava, produced by Castillo Perelada Outside of Barcelona. And cavaglass as mouth inflses at Hadeland Glassverk.
She has also made the Wine-bar in the vineyard of Monte del frá , in Verona, Italy.

Books and magazines

Björg has illustrated many books and magazines, and published several books on, among others, Gyldendal, Pitch and Aschehoug Forlag. The book “The Way to Happiness” at Schibsted Forlag (2015), went straight into the bestseller list. As did “Life happiness” at Aschehoug Forlag (2016), “You are stronger than you think” (Aschehoug Forlag) in 2017, and “Everyday Bubbles (Pitch forlag) in 2019. Björg has his own column in the magazine “Tara”, where she shares her photos, and the thoughts behind.

Annually, the “My Time” agenda appears and the “My Year” wall calendar. The popular agenda features Björg’s distinctive character on every page, art and quotations that put an extra tip on everyday life. Björg is eager to fill the pages with what you want in life.