We update the website and Facebook When new exhibitions are planned. Here you will find information about lectures and inspiratory evenings. New Bubble tour in autumn 2019. This time, the artist is Cecilia Vennersten, with Björg and big sister Dora on tour. The graphics for Bjørg can be found in the galleries that represent her, Lykke Haven, and our webshop.

Upcoming Events

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Bubble Show 2019


Bubbles Show is something completely out of the ordinary. It’s a mix of lectures on how to get it better and how to increase own loving heatN. There are stories, there are beautiful songs with Cecilia Vennersten, who also offers himself and his precious acquired experiences. And it’s standup about getting older; The comic pages by starting to go on the year. We promise you will be touched and inspired. You’re going to laugh and in addition, you get some tools when life feels pretty tick. On the whole, this is a good mix of gold grain and nonsense, a real feelgood evening!

For more information, visit our home page www.boblershow.no 3

Here we come to the fall:

13.09 festivity, Haugesund
http://festiviteten.no/. ../buber-med-dora-og-bjorg-thorhall…/

14.09 Smia Multi-use house, Mijas Costa

19.09 Oceanberget Culture House, Tønsberg
https://osebergkulturhus.ticketco.events/. ../nb/e/bobler_2019…

20.09 Drammens Teater, Drammen

21.09 Wave Culture House, Larvik
https://www.bolgenkulturhus.no/. ../buber-med-dora-og-bjorg-…/

23.09 The Tempest Culture House, Bodø
https://stormen.no/. ../buber-med-dora-og-bjorg-thorhallsdott…

24.09 Tromsø Culture House, Tromsø

25.09 Kolben Kulturhus, Oppegård

28.09 Maihaugsalen, Lillehammer

11.10 City Scene, Fredrikstad

18.10 The park Culture House, Ålesund
http://www.parkenkulturhus.no/. ../buber-med-dora-og-bjorg-th…

19.10 Lillestrøm Kultursenter, Lillestrøm

24.10 Sandnes Cultural House, Sandnes
https://tix.no/. ../…/buber-med-dora-og-bj-rg-thorhallsdottir/

25.10 Stavanger Concert hall, Dome House

30.10 Dampsaga Kulturhus, Steinkjer

31.10 Kimen Kulturhus, Stjødal
https://kimenkulturhus.no/. ../buber-dora-og-bjoerg-thorhall…/

01.11 the city of Olavshallen, Trondheim

06.11 Arendal Culture House, Arendal

07.11 Gjøvik Kulturhus, Gjøvik

09.11 Kongsberg Music Theatre, Kongsberg
https://ticketco.events/. ../nb/eve…/68823/seating_arrangement/

15.11 Ringerike Cultural Centre, Hønefoss

16.11 Rådhusteatret Ski

17.11 Ole Bull, Bergen
https://www.ticketmaster.no/. ../buber-med-dora-og-bjo…/611091


Utvacancies and Lectures with Björg Thorhallsdottir 2018

22 January Cervical Cancer Awareness month, Chitra house Fornebu
03. February Lecture Hadeland Glasswork
08. February Exhibition Opening Gallery Farsund
12. February Girlfriend Night Ballroom Oslo, Pitch Publishers
13 February bubbles, Skreia 
February 24 Lecture, Sjusjøen Mountain Church
08th March Björg keeps posts on the She conference
March 19 Dora and Björg Ølen
12-29. April Exhibition Gallery Bi-Z, Kristiansand, together with Thomas Nesland
April 27 Bubbles-show in Drammen
03-06 may Islandstur with Tara
June 15 launch new graphics Happiness Haven
September 12 (12-30, Sept) separate exhibition gallery G, Sandnes
10. - 18. November main exhibitor Autumn exhibition in Asker, Lions Club Asker
Bubbles Fall 2018:
06.09-Lillestrøm Kultursenter, Lillestrøm
08.09-Ullensaker Kulturhus, Jessheim
09.09-Brygga Kultursal, Halden
14.09-Ringerike Kult Center, Hønefoss
15.09-Lørenskog Kulturhus, Lørenskog
20.09-sjøborg Kulturhus, Ulsteinvik
21.09-Parken Kulturhus, Ålesund
25.09-People’s Theatre, Oslo
26.09-The Wave culture house, Larvik
12.10-Oseberg Kulturhus, Tønsberg
17.10-NES cultural house, Nes
24.10-Sandnes Kulturhus, Sandnes
25.10-Stavanger Concert Hall, Stavanger
31.10-Kimen Kulturhus, Stjørdal
02.11-Olavshallen, Tronheim
03.11-Støren Kulturhus, Støren
10.11-Bærum Cultural House, Bærum

Utvacancies and lectures with Björg Thorhallsdottir 2017

November 13, Literature House in Fredrikstad, you are stronger than you think

November 5, Heart Peace, Björg is present at the event in Bergen

October 26, lecture in Overhalla municipality (Namsos)

21-23. October, autumn exhibition Lørenskog, Lions anniversary

October 17 – 26. October – Book tour with Aschehoug Forlag, you’re stronger than you think
October 17, Trondheim
October 18, Tromsø
October 24, Kristiansand
October 25, Stavanger

September 26 – Lecture Stavern, mental health

27. 28. September – Happiness Bubbles Drammen
September 23 – Happiness Bubbles Vestlia (Geilo) chamomile-weekend
September 19 – Lecture Gallery G in Sandnes

September 10, Happiness Bubbles Mo I Rana
September 9, Happiness Bubbles Narvik
September 7, Happiness Bubbles Sortland
September 6, Happiness Bubbles Tromsø
August 31, Happiness Bubbles Lillehammer
August 28, Happiness Bubbles Bergen
August 27, Happy Bubbles Haugesund
August 26, Happiness Bubbles Moss
August 25, Happiness Bubbles Porsgrunn
August 24, Happiness Bubbles Askim

August 26,-8. September 10-yearsjubileums-exhibition, Nks guidance Centre for relatives, Haugesund

Thursday, 22nd. June, exhibition opening Sunndal Kunstlag.

Sunday 18th. June at. 1300-1800, gallery Flood, Sandefjord. Summer Exhibition. The exhibition hangs out July.

Thursday 16th and Friday March 17 at 19.00. Gallery G, Sandnes, “FOLLOWING a DREAM”
“Finally we can invite to the wonderful Björg Thorhallsdottir with a new lecture. Emma Noor stands for vocal touches, so everything is right for the magical atmosphere in the gallery these two evenings. We also show an exhibition with her latest works. ” Read more at Gallery G.

Exhibitions and lectures with Björg Thorhallsdottir 2016

Because of the inflammation in his arm, Björg spent much of 2016 in Hawaii working on watercolors and various art expressions.

November 29th-December 17th, Pop-up exhibition along with gallery Bi-Z in Bygdøy all 58

Exhibitions and lectures with Björg Thorhallsdottir 2015

Exhibitions and lectures with Björg Thorhallsdottir 2015

January 10 lecture with Dora Thorhallsdottir, Røros hotels

January 31 lecture and exhibition, Soon SPA hotels

2. February launch of the book The Way to Happiness and Rosa Cava, Rockefeller, Oslo

February 9 Lecture, Lykke Haven Gallery, Sandvika

12.-13. February lecture and exhibition, Gallery Bi-Z, Kristiansand

February 21 Lecture, Sortland

February 27 Happy Bubble-show and exhibition, Riga

March 7 – 3. May exhibition, “When a door is closed, a bottle of champagne should always be opened – a window opens» hadeland Glassverk, Jevnaker

March 8. Lecture, She-conference, laughter Aker Brygge, Oslo

10.-11. March Lecture, Bergen

March 12th lecture and exhibition, Gallery G, Sandnes

March 17, Bokturne Schibsted, Foundry, Tønsberg

March 21, Bokturne Schibsted, Notabene Lambertseter, Oslo

March 24 lecture, gallery Lykke Haven, Sandvika

March 25 Lecture, Vandøy

April 8, book tour Road to Happiness, sales Factory, Solør

April 10 lecture, gallery Little Martine, Halden

11 April exhibition, Red Manor, Halden

April 12 lecture, hadeland Glassverk

April 26, Happiness Bubbles lecture Björg and Dora Thorhallsdottir, Quality Hotel Norefjell

April 29, “The Way to Happiness” lecture and book signing at Lørenskog House in cooperation with Vivo Bookshop

May 9 – 7. June Exhibition» Everything is Possible», Gallery Osebro, Porsgrunn Lecture 9. May 13.

May 19, lecture and book signing in the Northern Lights Cathedral, Alta

May 20, book signing at 19. Rønvik Church, Bodø.

On May 21 lecture and book signing in Tromsø in cooperation with Krane Gallery and Libris. World Theatre at 18.

29. – 31. May exhibition, My Gallery, Narvik

June 27 – 9. August exhibition, Horten and Borre Art Association

July 4 – 2. August Collective exhibition, råde Art Association, Gallery old Tomb, prevail

25. July exhibition Gallery Fenka, Levanger

27. – 30. August Gift and Interior fair, Lillestrøm

25. September Fortune Bubbles Lecture Björg and Dora Thorhallsdottir during the conference women’s Arena at Scandic Hell, Stjørdal

October 13 signing my time 2016 gallery Svae, Gjøvik at 19

October 22 lecture and exhibition “Always Follow Your Heart” gallery G, Sandnes KL 19

October 27 signing my time 2016, Bærum Cultural House

28-29. October Erotic exhibition and to speak from the book. Krane Gallery and Framesverksted, Tromsø

1 November exhibition Gallery Vesterålen

3. November Fortune Bubbles Lecture Björg and Dora Thorhallsdottir, kolben Kulturhus, Oppegård

November 5 – 28. November exhibition, “Fly, you Are free”, gallery ECG, Hamar

November 9, exhibition and signing my time 2016. Gallery Soon at 17.00

14 November Lecture and signing my time 2016. Grinder Grating Team

November 16, signing my time 2016, gallery Graff, Askim

November 21 – 12. December exhibition, gallery Elsa, Namsos

November 21-13th. December exhibition, Meta Hansen’s house, Lillesand kunstforening

26 November lecture and signing of books, Meta Hansens House, Lillesand kunstforening At. 19.00

November 24 Lecture, Hobøl Library

November 27 Lecture, women of the time, Oslo concert Hall

November 28, signing my time 2016, Ulsteinvik

November 30, signing my time 2016, gallery Osebro, Porsgrunn

December 8 Happy Bubbles-lecture Björg and Dora Thorhallsdottir, Radisson Blu Atlantic, Stavanger, tickets purchased at billettservice.no

December 9 Happy Bubbles-lecture Björg and Dora Thorhallsdottir, Scandic Elgstua, Elverum, tickets purchased at billettservice.no

14 December Lucky Bubbles-lecture Björg and Dora Thorhallsdottir, Hotel son Spa, Son, tickets purchased at billettservice.no

December 21 Happy Bubbles-lecture Björg and Dora Thorhallsdottir, Clarion Hotel & Congress, Trondheim, tickets purchased at billettservice.no

Exhibitions and lectures with Björg Thorhallsdottir 2015

January 17 – 8. February Gallery Svae, collective exhibition.

March 8 – 8. May clothing Gallery, Telemark

March 27 – 9. April Alta Kunstforening

April 10, Lørenskog House, Lecture happiness bubbles, together with Dora Thorhallsdottir

May 10 – 15. June Elverum Art Gallery

June 5 – 9. June LoveArt Monaco

June 7 – 3. August Gallery Nelly, Hokksund

June 14 – 3. August Packing House Gallery, Arendal

June 16 Lecture Happiness bubbles, together with Dora Thorhallsdottir at laughter, Aker Brygge, Oslo

July 11 – 13. July Festival artist, Old Fjeldberg Rectory, Kvinnherad

July 26 Collective exhibition, Gallery Fenka, Levanger

August 23 Lecture Happiness Bubbles, together with Dora Thorhallsdottir on laughter, Aker Brygge, Oslo

September 12, lecture together with Ragnhild Ørjasæter, Lom Fleirbrukshus, Lom

September 18, lecture organized by the Heart of Peace, Hotel Norway, Kristiansand

October 8 Exhibition and lecture on the illustrations from the agenda my Time 2015, gallery packinghouse, Arendal

October 10 Lecture at “Ladies ‘ Eve”, Støtvig Hotel, Larkollen

October 11 Lecture at Tara-Weekend 2014, Vestlia Resort, Geilo

16 October solo exhibition and signing of Agenda my time 2015, gallery G, Sandnes

On October 29 lecture at the Tara magazine’s age of “bravest Woman of the Year 2014”, Spider Theatre, Oslo

October 30 Exhibition and lecture on the illustrations from the agenda my Time 2015, Elverum Art Gallery, Hamar

November 1, exhibition and lecture on the illustrations from the agenda my Time 2015, gallery Havstad, Ski

November 5, exhibition and lecture on the illustrations from the agenda my Time 2015, Krane Gallery, Tromsø

6 November solo exhibition, Gallery SG, Trondheim

November 11, lecture and signing of the agenda my Time 2015, NKS the Family Guidance Centre in Nord-Norway, Alta

November 12, exhibition and lecture on the illustrations from the agenda my Time 2015, gallery Siggerud, Bodø

13 November Exhibition and lecture on the illustrations from the agenda my Time 2015, gallery Fenka, Levanger

22 November Exhibition and lecture on the illustrations from the agenda my Time 2015, gallery Svae, Gjøvik

November 27 Exhibition and lecture on the illustrations from the agenda my Time 2015, Galleri Graff, Askim

December 8, lecture and signing of the agenda my time 2015 at. 17.00, Lykke Haven Gallery, Sandvika

Exhibitions and lectures with Björg Thorhallsdottir in 2013

February 23, Gallery My, Narvik, exhibition

March 23 The Yellow Gallery, Stavern, exhibition out July

May 26 Otnesbrygga, Valsøyfjord, exhibition out August

May 23, gallery Svae, Gjøvik, exhibition

June 15, Gallery Fenka, Levanger, exhibition

17 July Gallery Havstad, Drøbak, exhibition

6.-8. September Trysilrypa, Trysil, exhibition

October 10, Gallery BI-Z, Kristiansand, exhibition

26 October-16 November Valderøy Church, exhibition

October 29, KL. 18.00 Gallery Svae, Gjøvik, launch and signing of new books

October 31 – 3 November Ulstein Art team, exhibition

November 7, Gallery Graff, Askim, lecture, signing of books

November 9, Gallery Krane, Tromsø, launch of Björgs Cava

10. – 24. November Skedsmo kunstforening, Lillestrøm, exhibition

November 12, Gallery Fenka, Levanger, artist Night Lecture

November 15, KL. 18.00 Gallery Soon, Son, Christmas exhibition

November 16, KL. 13.00 Hadeland Light and Tin Foundry, Hadeland Glassverk, Jevnaker

November 17, KL. 14.00 The Yellow Gallery, Stavern, artist Night Lecture

November 19, KL. 18.00 Silk Vippa, Vinje, artist night with lectures. The exhibition hangs out the year.

November 21, 19.00 Gallery Lille Martine, Halden, artist evening with lectures

November 23 – December 8, Soli Brug, a theme exhibition with Bjarne Melgaard, Olav Mosebekk and Per Heimly

November 23 – December 15, the Art Association of the world End, Tjøme

November 26, Packing House Gallery, Arendal, artist night with lecture

November 27, KL. 18.00 Lykke Haven, Sandvika, a lecture with Helene Bøksle. “Live the Life You dream of”

November 28, Rosehagen, Jørpeland, artist evening, lecture and book signing

December 4, KL. 18.00 Lykke Haven, Sandvika, artist night and book signing

7. 8. December Bærums Verk Lions Club, Björg present on December 8, KL. 14-16.

December 9 Dahl Rammeservice, Haugesund, book signing

December 10, KL. 18.00 Library in Malvik, lecture