I wish that Lykkehaven will give a sense of coming home to someone.
You are always welcome to this house!

Opening hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 1100-1600
Sunday: 1200-1600

Lykkehaven (Opened in 2010):
Located in Sjøholmen art and Culture villa, Sandviksveien 130

Lykkehaven is my art gallery, a house with open arms. It’s going to be a little like coming home to someone. Lykkehaven bears its name rightly. It is an incredibly rewarding feeling when people come to us in sorrow or joy and leave with a feeling of being enriched in both body, sin, and soul. We want it to be a warm and good place to get to, whatever your life situation.


Some of my latest pictures

My photos

We all have experienced good and difficult things in life, and had many of the same thoughts and experiences. I think that is why others recognize themselves in the pictures and my words.
-Words are magical, they speak to the truth of yourself-

Happiness is a choice

«After meeting so many beautiful gorgeous women I realized that we are living parallel lives, and that we have so many of the same thoughts, experiences, and expectations of life. Expectations that are not always met. Emotions are universal, and our lives are often alike. In the word love, honesty lies — even to oneself.

-I realized that happiness is a choice and that it is the sum of all the choices we make-

Björg Thorhallsdottir AS

Sandviksveien 130
1365 Blommenholm