Björg has many heart cases and great involvement

I’m very concerned about heart-tab issues.
It makes me so happy to help!!!!

  • NKS-Centre for relatives of alcoholics and drug abusers. Lecture and Donate Photos
  • The Crisis centre in Oslo. Lecture and Donate Photos
  • UngOslo Nursery children. Donate photos and create art projects with the children
  • Uganda Project-Happy Aid (working title). Help alone mothers to earn their own money by making products that we sell in Norway. Helps children get food and schooling up to university education
  • Superwoman in Sudan. Cooperation with the United Nations. Helping women of violence (read more about it here ) product design
  • Heart peace. Established in 2005. I became a widow and wanted to make a life-neutral arrangement where my son, and others who had lost one of their, could remember their loved ones in light and gratitude. I wanted to help remove the taboo around death. With the help of amazing volunteers, heart peace is now an agricultural organization with events across the country. My Heart’s child!
  • Ambassador for Child Palliation Association (FFB)
  • Main ambassador for Gonok
  • Ambassador for 1.6 million club Norway-for women’s health