Chatter Wine

-Bjørg presents the red wine she has tasted in Italy

Happiness Bubbles

-A small film about Bjørg Thorhallsdottir and her own cava.

Graphic and Glass exhibition Hadeland Glassverk 2015

March 7 to 3. May

Warm Favn

-I woke up last fall and knew that I wanted to make a CD with 10 songs, which should be for the relief of people who have had grief, says Anne Vada.
-Every grief speaks to different senses, and as soon as I heard the songs, the pictures came to me, says Bjørg Thorhallsdottir

Heart peace in Sandvika-clip from 2008

About Heart peace on “It Gets Better”

-Hans Erik Dyvik Husby meets Bjørg Thorhallsdottir

Heart peace at Storvikholmen in Ulsteinvik 2013

Heart peace at Storvikholmen in Ulsteinvik, Sunday 3. November 2013